Pumpkins are beginning to trickle in..... See our Facebook page as we post when new items arrive!


Popular Seller

We anticipate an assortment of large rounded pumpkins. Shapes vary from rounded to oblong with strong ribbing. These are your traditional 15-20 lb pumpkins for carving!


We have a variety of anticipated 2-3 lb and 3-4 pound smaller sized pumpkins perfect for little hands. Very little ribbing means great for painting and school aged children!

Extra Large

Kid's Favorite!

Ranging from 20-28 lbs these home grown pumpkins have an upright blocky shape with a rich orange color and dark green handle.


Kid's Favorite!

Averaging 14-18 lbs, these home grown easy to carry mid sized pumpkins are selected because they are a great size for handling and decorating. Pair with an extra large pumpkin to round out your display.


These little white with orange or green ribbing pumpkins have a flat shape with very light ribbing and are around 1-2 pounds! Great looking for weddings or other special events. Kids love the size and unique colors!

More Minis

These little guys are a dark orange color with deep ribs and top out around 1-1.5 lbs. Great gifts and are a hit with the littles!


These smaller to larger sized gourds with ribbing and some with wings are a great way to add a fall harvest flair to your home. Often used in cornucopias, vases or lanterns, dried and painted as birdhouses or even strung, these are an extremely economical option!


Each year our selection varies as improved varieties of heirloom squash, pumpkins and gourds become available. Whites, dark greens, light greens, pale orange, deep orange and more colors are often selected for optimal displays for our customers!

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