Ornamental Grasses

Every garden can be enhanced by an ornamental grass. Large or small, grass brings rich texture, contrast and movement to a space throughout the four seasons. Grasses vary each season and may include select varieties within each of the following of our favorite categories: Maiden Grass (Miscanthus), Fountain Grass (Pennisetum), Muhly Grass (Muhlbergia), Lillyturf Grass (Liriope) and Blue Fescue (Festuca).


Perennial plants return each year due to die back in the top portion in the winter, and then new growth from the same root system in the spring. This category of plants appeal is in its ability to provide a diverse selection of textures, foliage, fragrance and beautiful blooms each year with minimal maintenance on the homeowner. More popular perennials are: Coral Bells, Astilbe, Meadow Sage/Salvia, Daylilies, Dianthus, Coneflowers, Hostas, Lavender, Russian Sage, Pinks/Dianthus, Sedum/Stonecrop, Tickseed/Coreopsis, Black Eyed Susans and more. Please note that there is much seasonality to perennials, some having prime appeal in the spring and others with prime appeal in the summer. It is important to note that diligent research ensures your garden is in bloom each season of the year as many varieties have blooms that are stunning but short lived.


Groundcover plants are a great low maintenance solution to sloping areas or under a tree with prominent roots. Pictured above are Pachysandra, Creeping Phlox and Bowles Common Periwinkle.

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