Annual plants are plants with a life cycle that generally lasts one year in our zone. They grow from seed or cutting, bloom, produce seeds, and die in one growing season. They then need to be replanted each growing cycle. Annuals can be a great choice for a flower bed where your goal is to have masses of eye-catching color all season long.

Herbs & Vegetables

​Cabbage, broccoli, kale, lettuce, brussel sprouts, swiss chard and spinach are just some of the few of the more popular options for the fall. *While supplies last.

Cool Season Flowers

​Cold hardy. Pansy varieties may include typical fall shades of purples, yellows, maroon, whites and more.  Usually available beginning of September. *While supplies last.

Hanging Baskets

​Mums are a popular hanging basket option for the fall! Annual Assortment Varies.  New stock weekly during peak fall season. Many varieties and colors are homegrown from our very own hot houses on and off premises. *While supplies last.


Mums available in in up to 10" nursery pots and up to 20" decorative planters until supplies last. Assortment varies based on availability.​ Popular annual flowers we usually try to keep in stock include but are not limited to pansies, celosia, ornamental peppers, ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale, chrysanthemums and more!

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