Straw Bales

Popular Seller

Countryview grown and baled from our field down the street! Not all straw bales are created equally - our heavy graded bales are made from our high quality bright colored rye. Also available are prepackaged smaller bales of straw.


Autumn Favorite

Grown, and hand cut and hand tied, from our own corn fields! Field corn grows taller than sweet corn so you get more stalk! We are farmers here at Countryview!


Bundles of flint corn, or ornamental corn, come in a range of colors and kernels contain a small amount of soft starch surrounded completely by a larger amount of hard starch, which means the kernels shrink uniformly when drying and are dent-free and less prone to spoiling, therefore ideal for autumnal décor indoor and out. Sizes and colors vary each year. Ornamental Corn is widely used for fall decorating and creative crafts such as centerpieces, wreaths, and displays. The ears can be shucked back to expose the colorful kernels and can be paired with gourds and pumpkins on tables. The husks can also be tied into bunches and mixed with bundles of wheat.

Yard Signs

A variety of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fall Harvest yard signs. Stick them right on your lawn to add a seasonal touch or in a bale of straw or planter for that awesome finishing touch.

Scarecrows and Scarecrow Picks

Scarecrows are a fall must have!

We carry an assortment of sizes and varieties at various price points!

From 8-60" tall, Boys, girls, crows and sunflowers are just some of the many options to choose from.
Place in a straw bale on your porch or lawn or in a planter for an authentic harvest feel.

Hanging Decor

Perfect for your front door!

Plush & Lighted Decor

New this year! Adorable faced scarecrow and gnome plush decor adorn our shelves in both fall harvest and halloween themes. Lighted canvases on timers are a great transition

Handmade Poly & Fabric Bows

Made by the ladies of Countryview, these small and large waterproof poly plastic orange bows are a great addition to your cornstalk, corn bundle or even added around a straw bale! Additional fabric designs for halloween and harvest vary each year and are the perfect touch for your indoor decor.

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